20 september 2018

BLOGTOUR Birch x StraightGrain

100% organic fabric, treated with love, not pesticides

An and Arleen invited me a while ago to join their internation blogtour. 
The idea was to use the organic Birch fabric for a StraightGrain pattern.
 As I am a big fan of Mrs. StraightGrain (and her patterns), I immediately responded : sure !!!

Birch fabrics however is rather new to me, as I most often sew with 
thrifted fabrics, but  when I received the parcell, containing thee beautiful solid poplins,
 I was immediately convinced by the beautiful quality and softness of the fabric.

After a quick wash, I ironed them (like a breeze) and just couldn't resist starting 
immediately with my sewing project.
I know this opinion might be influenced by the fact that I got the fabric 
as a gift, but nevertheless,... I just wanted to share this experience with you guys,
as it is just the softest solid cotton ever! And organic as well!

I love to sew with solid fabrics, to keep a dress plain and simple,
and maybe just add a little spark by using a vintage ribbon, pretty buttons
or a small piece of contrasting fabric.

The Hanami dress is an ideal pattern to play around, and I used coral and blush
for the patchwork triangles in the bodice and pockets, to brighten this beatiful dusk - dark blue - dress.

The coral was also used for lining the sleeves,
which brightens it up even more.

Convinced? ...  Not yet?
A whole bunch of lovely ladies is joining me on this tour,
so please go and check out their creations as well !!!

Thanks An an Arleen !!!
You girls keep on making pretty patterns and fabric,
we'll make sure to handle them with handmade love ;-)

Pattern: Hanami dress - StraightGrain patterns
also avaliable at Fabricworm

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