8 mei 2017

Juliette top - kneesocks and goldilocks

I'm no superwoman with superpowers, I just try to do my best, and sometimes I fail.
But I don't have time to dwell on a problem, I try to find solutions, and move forward!

OK, and now the truth...
I made crappy pictures, then tried every button in Lightroom to fix it...
and ended up with this vintage look...  Hope you still like it!

This cute little top is the result of a collaboration between Sewpony and kneesocks & goldilocks.
I am a fan of both of them, so those two working together is a win-win situation for all of us.

The Juliette pattern comes with a number of options, but the trademark is definitely the flutter colar,
so I surely wanted to use that option in my sewing project.

Fabric picking was a bit of a struggle for this one. I wanted to make something that stood out,
but ended up with the most plain fabric I could find in my stash, - a vintage bedsheet -
since in the end, I just wanted the piece to stand on its own. 

The A-line shape makes it a rather wide top,
so I combined it with jean shorts which works well I think.

The pattern is quite versatile and has 4 different sleeves, 2 collars and 2 lenghts, 
so enough options to play with! It is a quick and easy sew, even for beginners,
because there is no zipper or buttonhole on this one!

This is my 10th blogpost about a Sewpony pattern, so if you're interested, go and check out my previous Sewpony dresses, because Suz is giving a discount on al the patterns in her shop!
And on top of that, she's also hosting a sewing contest with some amazing prices!
You can find out more about that right here!

DRESSEDINSEWPONY to receive 10 % off any sewpony pattern (until June 2)

Thanks Suz and Jill for inviting me on this blogtour !

20 opmerkingen:

  1. The top is adorable and the fabric works so well for this pattern!

  2. Oh thank you Marleen...sorry you stressed about the photos! Your daughter looks gorgeous in her vintage gingham top! Thank you so much for all your support!!!! x

  3. die retro look past helemaal bij het patroon en bij jouw versie ervan! Heel tof!!

  4. Echt leuk! Eenvoud siert dit patroontje heel erg!

  5. Die ruitjes staan Emma en dat patroon zo goed! En de vintage feel past helemaal bij je foto's, well done. Ik zou zeggen dat dat de bedoeling was ;)

  6. This dress is so sweet! I love the fabric you chose. And I think the vintage look of the photo goes well with the style of the pattern ;)

  7. Oh, zo schattig!! Echt sprookjesachtig mooi!

  8. Heel mooi met die ruitjes ook! En leuke foto's hoor. Ik dacht ook dat het de bedoeling was. :-)

  9. I just love that you used the vintage bedsheet. This definitely stands out on its own. Sometimes less is more. Well done.


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