1 juli 2016

#anspired - copycat

OK, I admit, I steal ideas... no not just a few of them from time to time... 
a lot of ideas... all day long... every single day...

I get them everywhere...
Sometimes a colour combination from a stunning picture,
or a beautilful dress made by a talented woman.

Most of the time, I play with it, adjust it, make it my own,
but sometimes, I just want to make an exact copy!
And so I did... (or at least tried to...).

My dress is a tribute to An from StraightGrain patterns.
Yes, she was the one who made the original version
of this stunning colourblock dress for her oldest daughter.

So today, I am just an ordinary copycat... and I love it! 

In fact I am not the only one... Suz from Sewpony invited me and a bunch of other sewing bloggers along to join her in the #anspired blogtour, to show the world what a fantastic inspiring women she is. 
So please, go check out their creations too! 

Petrol & Mint//S is for Sewing//Sisko by Mieke//Stitched Together//
Maai Design//Minnie Mie//Groovybaby & Mama//Do Guincho//
Emma en Mona//Lily & Woody//While she was sleeping//sewpony

So An... in case you didn't get the message...
Keep up the good work!
You are AMAZING !!!

18 opmerkingen:

  1. wauw, zo schoon! ik voel een kopie aankomen ;-)

  2. Totally stunning. Now I want to copy! Thank you Marlene!

  3. Zo mooi, mooie kleuren, en nu nog de zon ....
    Bestaat daar een patroon van, ik zag dit niet op de site van straight grain.

  4. It's absolutely stunning and perfect! I love the straps being different colors as well! That's just so awesome! So well done!

  5. What a gorgeous Aninspired dress!! Love the colors so much!

  6. I think our definitions of an ordinary copycat vary a lot ;) Love this dress. The colours go so well together :) A great An-spired dress :D

  7. Blauw en groen, I like! Jouw copycat valt keihard in de smaak!

  8. Wat een prachtig kleedje, Marleen! Ik ben helemaal wild van je kleurencombinatie... En dan die mooie foto's... Ik ben nog altijd aan het bekomen van de #anspired verrassing. Jullie zijn zo lief en geweldig! xo


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