19 februari 2018

Sewpony Blogtour - Catherine cardigan

 Aussie blogtour today, so yes! This one's in English!

A few days ago I screened Pinterest, looking for inspiring ideas for this cardigan,
and I ended up scrolling through Suz's page where she shows the world all the things she made.
I was amazed, because besides all these fabulous patterns, she made so much more!
And I must admit,... I think we only saw the tip of the iceberg so far, 
so I am already wondering what she will be up to next ;-)
But anyway, ... back to the topic of the day: The Catherine cardigan.

 As you can see, there are a number of options, and although I wanted to go for the short-sleeved version,
the cold weather influenced me into making one that she could wear immediately.

I selected a small piece of blue fabric that I found years ago in the thriftstore. 
Just enough for the pattern pieces, but then I forgot to include the cuffs...oops!
Luckily some plain black ribbing did the trick and I finished the cardigan with some beautiful
old wooden buttons. They came off a vest I used a few years ago to make these cute pants...

As for the sizing: I made size 3 , which fits my three year old perfectly. However I noticed now that I folded the cuffs in half while dressing her, so they look shorter in my pictures... normally they are double the lenght you see here in the picture below.  Anyway...  spot on! Thank you Suz!

Curious to see some more inspiring Catherine cardigans?
Be sure to check the list below! 

Already decided to go ahead and buy the pattern?  --> Sewpony Pattern Shop
Be sure to use CATHERINE15 as a 15% discount code applicable throughout the tour!!!

Thanks Suz to invite me on the tour!

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